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The Mystic's Eye by PianoWeb The Mystic's Eye :iconpianoweb:PianoWeb 9 2
Embarrassed and shy
Covered by lie
Alone and terrified
All fear magnified
Fear of humiliation
Fear or reconciliation
Fear of identity
Fear of entity
Fear of nothing
Fear of everything
Fear of rejection
Fear or reflection
Fear or exposure
Fear of composure
Fear of sharing
Fear of despairing
Hole in your heart
Missing a part
Scared of self
And scared of all.
Scared that we'll leave you
Once and for all.
:iconpianoweb:PianoWeb 7 11
Just One More Time. . . by PianoWeb Just One More Time. . . :iconpianoweb:PianoWeb 5 0 No. Never. I'm gone. by PianoWeb No. Never. I'm gone. :iconpianoweb:PianoWeb 10 0
It has been said
Eyes are the windows to the soul,
But let me ask you.
Have you ever been to Sheol?
Have you ever experienced death, and in the end, still have breath?
Have you ever been sent to hell and come back as well?
Have you ever beheld scary horrors simply be looking into the soul's doors?
Have you ever seen demise dance about in a person's eyes?
Yes, it had been said that they are windows-
Framed and painted, some with brown, some with blue.
For through The eyes you can see pain
You can see a soul lay slain.
For through the eyes one can see,
The bearer's life,
And inner beauty.
For through the eyes one can see,
The bearer's death
And desperate pleas.
The eyes belie what we feel inside.
Wether you want to cry or want to fly,
You cannot hide the inside.
Many have tried.
Be strong and be true,
Let it shine through
Whatever you'll see
Whatever you'll be
However hard you try
I can see it in your eye.
You're alone and you're scared,
Your happiness ensnared.
Pent up in soul's windows
:iconpianoweb:PianoWeb 18 14
Feet on the ground, Head in the clouds by PianoWeb Feet on the ground, Head in the clouds :iconpianoweb:PianoWeb 12 55
How was life?
How's romance?
I won't say I'm in love
Are you okay?
None of the above
What's up?
I only rove
I hate feeling this way
I love feeling this way
I can be so much more
I can do things better
But I'm sad to the core
My own mind is my fetter
Is this really me?
Am I really free?
It's not just a dream
Because it's darker
I'm not all that I seem
Because I'm deeper
I need help
But I like feeling like this.
I'm such a welp
But I hate feeling like this.
Why don't I want to feel better?
I'm not happy
I've heard it heals to write a letter
But that feels so sappy
I hate feeling this way
I love feeling this way
I can be so much more
I can do things better
But I'm sad to the core
My own mind is my fetter
Is this really me?
Am I really free?
Just leave me alone
But don't go away
I don't want to hone
My skill to tame the fray
Keep me stable
Or is that term a lie?
Is it a fable?
An excuse for being shy
I don't know what's truth
It's all too relative now.
I stay past closing in the diner booth
Wondering ho
:iconpianoweb:PianoWeb 12 16
Cozy by PianoWeb Cozy :iconpianoweb:PianoWeb 14 40 Two-way Street [Inktober 30] by PianoWeb Two-way Street [Inktober 30] :iconpianoweb:PianoWeb 11 24
They all stand about
As happy as they can be
Cheery eyes and happy faces
And madly in love
I'm in love. . .
But it's not what I wanted
I'm suffocating,
Asphyxiating in this
What I feel is genuine
What I feel is true
Not superficial
Not surface level
I am simply restricted to share
That exhilarating feeling.
Restricted and conflicted,
I cry myself to sleep.
I wake up and get angry with myself
For being so low as to cry too sleep
My anger hardens into contempt
And annoyance with human beings
I only want The one I love
The one who cares
I only want to experience
A day with everyone knowing
How much of a monster
I am inside
Just so they can
See me for who I am
Who I want to be
And what is my passion
Just so they can understand
What I endure.
My self inflicted
Emotional duress
I kill my spirit
Day after day,
Hour after hour
Just from seeing
others so intimate
So open,
And so unjudged
I wish I could be who I want to be
Without being murdered for my love
:iconpianoweb:PianoWeb 9 19
To live is to die
and to laugh is to cry
with peace comes aggregation
and knowledge, frustration
with hope, despair
Broken with no repair
Death and calamity
pain and insanity
red of harlots
red of profanity
polluting the pure
all in vanity
Wrought and distraught
bullied, mistreaten
tired and beaten
Darkle descends as
a dragoon to kill
My mind a small boat
monsoon to spill
Grey-black requiems sing in my ears
confirming my darkest, most sour of fears
Hope is nearly lost
and what was the cost?
That we might be transposed
as rubbish disposed?
Putrid despair racks my frame,
all I hear is them, mocking my name
But I need an embrace
in this compassionless race
talk face to face
words like lace
but alas, all in vain case.
Gone with no trace,
they've robbed me of
all good aspects
I'm left without
Nothing to share
:iconpianoweb:PianoWeb 11 12
Fallen Angel [Inktober 28] by PianoWeb Fallen Angel [Inktober 28] :iconpianoweb:PianoWeb 13 13 Glory [Inktober 27] by PianoWeb Glory [Inktober 27] :iconpianoweb:PianoWeb 13 4 Lessons [Inktober 26] by PianoWeb Lessons [Inktober 26] :iconpianoweb:PianoWeb 10 10 Raider [Inktober 25] by PianoWeb Raider [Inktober 25] :iconpianoweb:PianoWeb 9 7 Tameor [Inktober 24] by PianoWeb Tameor [Inktober 24] :iconpianoweb:PianoWeb 10 15


Annihilation by iracat Annihilation :iconiracat:iracat 16 2 The hate for you is real by I-aint-no-alien The hate for you is real :iconi-aint-no-alien:I-aint-no-alien 31 24 Horsemeat by bloodvelvetplanet Horsemeat :iconbloodvelvetplanet:bloodvelvetplanet 3 1 OTA Adoptable! [CLOSED] by TheOriginalSparky OTA Adoptable! [CLOSED] :icontheoriginalsparky:TheOriginalSparky 8 4 The 4 Amigos by TheDragonisCreator The 4 Amigos :iconthedragoniscreator:TheDragonisCreator 1 3 Free Anthro Adoptable by DragonPup1987 Free Anthro Adoptable :icondragonpup1987:DragonPup1987 10 4 wouldn't santa be dead by now? by Rosey-waterr wouldn't santa be dead by now? :iconrosey-waterr:Rosey-waterr 7 3 Cash by DragonPup1987 Cash :icondragonpup1987:DragonPup1987 6 1 The doggo by CorrinTheDoggo The doggo :iconcorrinthedoggo:CorrinTheDoggo 26 9 What's that up there!? by CorrinTheDoggo What's that up there!? :iconcorrinthedoggo:CorrinTheDoggo 15 6 Smol elf doggo by CorrinTheDoggo Smol elf doggo :iconcorrinthedoggo:CorrinTheDoggo 17 5 Tokki by iknowannyeonghaseyo Tokki :iconiknowannyeonghaseyo:iknowannyeonghaseyo 1 3 Way Too Many Chromosomes by JohananP Way Too Many Chromosomes :iconjohananp:JohananP 15 25 MY TINY SNOWMAN!!!!!!! by Wolfhowler316 MY TINY SNOWMAN!!!!!!! :iconwolfhowler316:Wolfhowler316 2 1 What did you say? More Chromosomes? by DJcroc2016 What did you say? More Chromosomes? :icondjcroc2016:DJcroc2016 25 17 Adadave by Korouxus Adadave :iconkorouxus:Korouxus 14 11


How can a person say they care only to walk away from me a day later with no notice, leaving me with no way to contact them?
My life. I feel like it's falling apart. In real life and online. I can't do anything without being monitored and punished. . . Nothing is making any sense, I'm afraid. . .
All my close friends I've made on here are leaving. . . or deactivating.
I'm scared. What's happening? I can't stop crying and I want someone who be there for me. I need consistency. . . I'm sorry if I sound like a whiny brat, I feel lost. Fearful of loneliness. . .
The Mystic's Eye
After Robotics club this afternoon, I got left at school for two hours. . . comon' it's a Saturday for crying out loud!
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1. how is your day?
Crappy, I'm terrible

2. what yo favorite color?

3. pineapples or watermelons??
Pineapples. Watermelons are too diluted

4. is shrek god?
Nah, I like donkey better

5. are you a FURRY?
Yeah ^^

6. are these question stupid?
Not yet

7. cows.
Bovine consumers of low-growing ground cover

8. how do you pronounce "the"?
Thuh, same as any other lazy American

9. who is your favorite character? (of yours) Blue

10. almost there, how you doing so far?
Okay, better than I started

11. do you like mints?
A long as they aren't ginger mints. Last time I had one I burned my tongue

12. abcdefg...
Hijklmnopqrstuvwxyz. The English alphabet

13. YAY YOU FINISHED! what was your opinion on my questions?
They were nice ^w^ very nice

My Questions (or commands) :

1. What are your thoughts on Carrions?

2. What would you do if you were in a room all alone with the person you like?

3. How many people are in the ideal friends group?

4. How many times have you ever kissed someone (romantically)?

5. What's your favorite genre of music?

6. Describe your gallery in one word.

7. A family member eats your food while your in the bathroom. What do you do?

8. How long does it take you to do your daily work?

9. Algae is the world's newest and most efficient source or energy. What would you use it for?

10. Describe a bat to me.

11. How do you eat your corn?

12. What's your favorite garden flower? If you don't have one, then what's your least favorite color?

13. Do prefer water hot or cold?




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